Per Jennische

About me


Born in the Swedish country side in 1980 I soon started dreaming of exotic places far across the globe. An early fascination for martial arts and Asian culture triggered my interest in China, it's language, history and culture. After Chinese language studies in China 2003-2005 followed by a couple of years in Sweden I finally returned to China and the city of Xiamen in 2009. Working long hours in the weeks and touring the country playing amateur rugby in the weekends I enjoyed life. But after a six years long international sales career in the Chinese manufacturing industry, starting with ceramics and ending with electronics, I finally lost the passion for what I was doing and felt a need to live my life outside the confined walls of what felt like an increasingly limiting office space.


In early 2015 my wonderful girlfriend and I packed up our apartment and finally left our first shared home in our beloved city of Xiamen. After yoga instructor training in India we continued to Indonesia where I realized a decade old dream of becoming a freediver. After a program at Freedive Gili I was proudly certified as an SSI Level 2 Freedive Instructor by the end of May 2015. In 2017 I passed my Instructor Trainer Seminar and has to date certified more than 350 student and a dozen instructors.


Today I am sharing my passion for this beautiful sport with my students at Tramuntana Diving & Adventure in Puerto Pollensa, Mallorca, offering courses from beginner to instructor in English and Mandarin Chinese in addition to my native Swedish language.

My life in pictures


In our lives there are certain places and events that leave us with a stronger impression than others. We might not be aware of it there and then but looking back we can see how they shaped us into what we are. Here below I present some of the most important places and events in my life with a short description of what they left me with.


My favourite Swedish city and home for most of my adult life in Sweden. It's compact size, location by the sea, numerous parks and proximity to Copenhagen makes it an amazing place to live. Especially in the summer.


This beautiful coastal City in Fujian was my home for almost 8 years. Here I learned to speak Chinese, started my career and managed and played in the local rugby club. Here I found love and friends for life.

Photo by Bong Antivola

Yoga training in Mysore

My yoga teacher training in Mysore, India was a big eye opener where I learned a lot about my own potential and the endless opportunities out there.



Where it all started. This charming house was a wonderful place to grow up and though my parents don't live there anymore it will always be a part of my soul..

Xiamen Typhoons

One of the most prominent amateur rugby clubs in China. I am honored to have served as the Chairman for this amazing club and had the cheer joy of battleing it out in the pack over uncountable games all over China.

Freediving Instructor Course

Freediving is such a wonderful sport as it forces you to face your fears and challenge your mind just as much as as your body. I had a wonderful time at Freedive Gili and will be forever grateful for what I learned from my great instructors and friends there


Some things deserves more space. I did meet Lydie in Xiamen and she is part of why I love that city so much but she is also the reason I am where I am today. Without her encouragement and natural ability to see the potential in everything we do I would probably still be selling tablets in Xiamen.

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